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Joint-socket spanner

Product no.: 995025

High-quality joint-socket spanner for our various tool attachments for cleaning the threads and mounting the studs.

49.90 *
EIA 54.90 €
In stock

New Cleaning Brush 2021

Product no.: 995046

Our proven brush (2021) is now available as an additional single tool, of course still with exchangeable brush.

19.90 *
EIA 21.90 €
In stock

New Screwdriver for Keepers type 103

Product no.: 995055

Now available. Screwdriver for mounting the keepers (type 103) as single tool; for quick and easy mounting of the studs type 103.

13.90 *
In stock

stud plug mounting tool

Product no.: 995056

Our screwdriver attachment for mounting the stud plugs. Only for Stud Cases until 2019!

10.90 *
In stock

Brush adapter unit

Product no.: 995047

Brush adapter unit for the cleaning of the threads.

18.40 *
In stock

Single brush

Product no.: 995048

Replacement brush for threads: M10 & 3/8 inch or M12 & W12

4.99 *
In stock

Thread cleaning tap

Product no.: 995035

threat cleaning tap for cleaning and recutting the threads

9.90 *
In stock


Product no.: 995010

High-quality tool - Made in Germany

3.90 *
In stock

Wrench socket insert (large)

Product no.: 995076

For H-studs type 401 and 402 only! Large wrench socket insert for use together with the joint-socket spanner.

10.90 *
In stock

Wrench socket insert (small)

Product no.: 995075

Small wrench socket insert for use together with the joint-socket spanner for mounting the studs

9.90 *
In stock

Allen key (SW 2,5)

Product no.: 995012

Quickly and easily install or remove replacement brushes on the brush adapter

0.70 *
In stock

New Nylon brush 2021

Product no.: 995049
3.99 *
In stock
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