Stud kid (14 parts)

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Stud kid (14 parts)

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The 14-piece stud suitcase is the ideal starter set for every rider and offers the possibility to purchase a universal set of studs including all necessary tools in the form of a suitcase set.

In the case are various tools for mounting the studs, cleaning and re-cutting the threads in the horseshoe and 8 universal studs of the type 205. The studs are suitable for any surface and provide very good grip in the field. The set can be extended by another 8 lugs as needed.

The case is made of aluminum, has a very high quality look and feel, has a functional design and riders are optimally equipped with the studs and tools.

- Aluminium box

- Joint-socket spanner
- Wrench socket insert (small) – SW 14
- Brush adapter unit
- Thread cleaning tap
- Screwdriver
- Allen key
- 8 universal studs type 201 (SW14)

All high-quality studs and tools are made of a corrosion-resistant and recyclable material for reliable use. Durable premium-material for high demands of equestrian sports. Read more!

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