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High-quality stainless horse studs and perfectly matched tools


innovative – sustainable – succesful


High quality, durable and rustproof horse studs for all soil and weather conditions.

Made in Germany.



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We only want the best for you and your horse and therefore we only use high-strength materials for our horse studs, which are also used in medical technology.


Due to the antimicrobial alloy all studs remain germ, fungus, mold and lead-free. All horse studs are equipped with a self-cleaning thread. Thereby simultaneously with the insertion of the studs the thread is cleaned.


The appropriate choice of horse studs, in combination with our tool system, minimizes the risk of injury to horse and rider.








Environmental protection and sustainability play a central role for us as an environmentally certified company according to DIN EN ISO 14001.

Hermann Premium horse studs are 100% rustproof and acid and seawater resistant. Due to the high-strength materials a significantly longer durability and service life that with conventional horse studs is achieved and that provides lasting safety for horse and rider. The constructively perfectly adapted, high-precision thread reduces the loss rate of the studs.

All materials and tools used are sustainable and recyclable.





Renowned equestrian athletes from the classic disciplines jumping, eventing, driving and in exclusive polo sport use Hermann horse studs successfully. On soft, muddy, grass or sandy soil, the horses get the necessary extra grip. The landing of the hooves is additionally cushioned on the ground.


We produce our horse studs in accordance with the quality standards of DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015.








Fitting of the Hermann horseshoe studs and use of our professional tools:

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