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In response to many requests, we have developed an attachment for easy mounting of the stud plugs. The tool is perfectly adapted and improves the handling when screwing in the stud plugs enormously.

The conical screwdriver attachment holds the stud pluis in place independently and can therefore also be used with one hand. This reduces the loss rate when mounting the stud plugs and the work is again accelerated.

The attachment can be used very easily with our plug-in swivel key and is the ideal addition to our existing range of tools.

Can be used with: stud plugs type 103

Basic tool: plug-in swivel wrench

Like all tools from Hermann Pferdestollen, this one is also made of stainless steel and is particularly easy and safe to use.


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Universal plugs - type 103 - 1 pcs. Universal plugs - type 103 - 1 pcs.
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Joint-socket spanner Joint-socket spanner
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